Frankfort School of Ballet

Safiya's Class location in beautiful Historic Downtown Frankfort, right across the street from the Olde Capitol building.

Ibrahim Farrah

This is a wonderful site that is dedicated to Safiya's teachers' teacher, Bobby Farrah. He was an inspiration to us all and Safiya hopes that her style reflects his teachings.

Alma Gitana

A very talented band that performs locally in the Lexington area. Alma Gitana plays Flamenco, Arabic and Gypsy Fusion Music.

Jefferson Fitness Club

This Is Jefferson Fitness Club where Safiya Teaches 3 days a week!

A Worldwide Belly Dancer Directory - They also do Belly Dancer Web Design!!

The Oriental Belly Dancer Hub

This is a great site for bellydance articles, blogs and all sorts of great information as well as teacher and performer listings.

All About Belly Dance, By Shira

A very helpful site for all sorts of Middle Eastern Bellydance info, Teachers, costuming, history, culture, and advice. A great help for both new and experienced dancers.

Morocco - Performer and Instructor in New York

Affectionately known as Auntie Rocky, Morocco has dedicated her life to studying and teaching Oriental dance. A veritable font of information and one of the kindest, most helpful teachers that you will ever come to know.

Tarik Sultan - Performer and Instructor in New York

Tarik is a great dancer, a wonderful person, and is so knowledgeable about Middle Eastern dance

Balady Boutique in Florida

This link has info on workshops and a boutique of beautiful costumes for sale in the Orlando, FL area.

Belly Dance Florida

A great site for belly dancers and belly dance enthusiast in Florida, with links to teachers, performers, events, and much more.

Zuhela Yamir - Instructor in Florida

This is the website of Safiya's Foundation Teachers, Zuhela and Maia Yamir and the Benat Sharkein Dancers.