Safiya is a Middle Eastern Belly Dance Artist, Instructor, and Choreographer located in Lexington, Kentucky, and performing throughout the Central and South-Eastern United States. Feel free to browse the following pages dedicated to the Ancient Art of Belly Dance, and explore her interpretation of the traditional dance styles of Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish Orientale, as well as Classical Persian.

Within this site you will find a Public Venue Performance Schedule, a Belly Dance Class Schedule and Lesson Information, a list of available performance services and prices, a media gallery, a Facebook fan page for Discussing Middle Eastern Dance and much, much more...

We hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to any thoughts you might wish to express in the forum whether they be the musings of a layman or contributions from a seasoned dancer...Raq on!

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Bear with us while this site undergoes some reformatting. Some of the selections, like upcoming events, classes and news, are best viewed at www.arabesquelex.com.

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