For an opportunity to see Safiya perform check her Events Calendar below. In addition to upcoming public appearances, you can also find her class and workshop schedule there.

Safiya can be found in a number of public venues throughout the Eastern United States; entertaining at Church & Cultural Festivals, Art Fairs, Benefits & Fundraisers, Haflas, Restaurants & Nightclubs, and Workshops.

If you are interested in booking Safiya for your Event please review the 'Hire Page' and do not use this calendar as a reference for what dates and times are available. Private events are sometimes not listed until just before their actual date. The best method to ensure availability is to contact Safiya directly.

...your dancing brought me home again..." Rezan H. -Turkish Restauranteur

Upcoming Events

Events Calendar
"...Safiya is a beautiful, spirited, graceful dancer and a fabulous teacher. I would easily rank (her) among the best. Her love and passion for dance shines through in her performances and in her teaching..." Michelle Benningfield of Kentucky
Dance Student and Enthusiast