Belly Dance Classes

Greater Lexington,Kentucky Area

"Learn the movements of the most ancient and poetic dance form in the world while listening to the exotic music of far off lands. It is not just a dance of the belly, but of the whole body from head to toe, using natural movements and the innate grace and sensuality hidden within us all."....Safiya Nawaar

Belly Dance/Raqs Sharqi class is a great way to exercise! The gentle repetitive movements have many benefits to your body as well as mental well being. With regular participation you will build core strength, increase flexibility, improve joint health and help eliminate back pain, as well as fighting off Osteoporosis and burning calories. Along with the instruction on dance technique and fitness ALL Class Levels will include musical interpretation and information on other important topics such as history and cultural influences of each particular dance style. These include, but are not limited to, Classical and Modern Egyptian, American Vintage Oriental,Turkish Oriental, Classical Persian, Egyptian Folkloric, and Tribal Fusion.

These classes are designed to be a non competitive environment where we can improve health, body image, and creativity. All students get a thorough and safe workout while achieving tone, balance, strength, and posture awareness…as well as adding self confidence and empowerment. All ages and body types can belly dance. Everyone is welcome regardless of color, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Most classes are structured so students may sign up and start at any time. For more information, contact Safiya at 352-816-1219 or email to: ([email protected])

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"Safiya is my teacher and she is amazing. She has inspired and motivated me to do the best I can at this art form. Her teaching skills are wonderful because she breaks down every move and also gives a history behind it. I have studied oriental dance before I came to her for three years and I can honestly say she has helped and improved my technique more in the last several months than I managed to in three years. She encourages her students to be as good as she is, which is amazing considering how competitive some teachers and students are...but with Safiya you will only find encouragement and motivation." Sarah Peters of Lexington, Kentucky