Class Descriptions

~ Beginner Level 1 & 2 (L1 & L2)

classes introduce students to belly dance basics while giving them a full body workout. There is focus on isolation's, hip articulations, undulations, hand and arm movements, shimmys and easy traveling steps. As students progress they will be introduced to layering isolation's and technique for veil (loaner veils will be provided for students at L1 and L2). Students will be drilled with easy combination's and work on a simple choreography in each class. **All Skill Levels are welcome to attend these classes, keeping your Belly Dance Basics sharp and clean are important no matter how many years you have been dancing!

~ Intermediate Level 3 (L3)

classes will evolve into more intense workouts and body conditioning, layering multiple isolation's, advanced traveling steps, creating smooth transitions and emotional expression through dance. There will be more focus on music interpretation and theory. Technique for zills/Sagat, Cane/Assaya and other props will be added to the curriculum(Intermediate students will be required to purchase zills, a single 3 yard silk veil and a dance cane-this will be discussed in class). Classes will involve more complicated choreography and technique for making your own choreography will also be discussed and practiced. **There will be performance opportunities for any Intermediate students interested in doing so.

~ Advanced Level 4 (L4)

classes for the dedicated dancers only! If you want to take your dance to the next level, learn to do improvisational dance and have the opportunity to be a part of Safiya's professional dance troupe, this class will help you achieve these goals. Each month we will focus on specific dance styles, such as but not limited to; Classical Egyptian, Saiidi, Beledi, Urban Beledi, Meleya Leff, Sha'abi, Turkish Rom and Classical Persian. Study materials will be provided, music selection and interpretation will be discussed and technique and choreography will be included as well as Performance Coaching(PC).**To participate in this class students MUST be current students approved by Safiya or take an evaluation prior to registration.

~ Mini-Intensive Workshops (MIW)

These Mini-Workshops are each 3 to 4 weeks long. Each month will be dedicated to a specific topic and are geared towards students who have taken at least 3 months of Beginner Level classes. This is a great way to get focused on improving techniques we skim over in regular classes. Each session will include a new Choreography using whatever 'focus point' taught during the workshop...some examples of 'focus points'; Double Veil technique, Dancing with Emotional connection to your music, Trance Dances such as Zar and Turkish Rom.

Class Attire and Supplies

It's easier to learn a dance form if you practice in clothes that complement your movements and do not hinder them, so here are a few suggestions…

Wear comfortable exercise clothes such as a Unitard, Leotard with tights, or a Crop top/tank top and yoga pants. A colorful scarf or shawl to tie around hips is a must, and dance shoes are recommended to protect your feet, and prevent torquing of ankles and knees.

Students will eventually need a three yard veil and finger cymbals; this will be discussed in detail at class.

Student Registration

Contact Safiya for class placement and enrollment via email or phone at (352) 816-1219.

For a speedier registration process, print this Registration Form and Waiver, review and fill them out, and bring them to your first class. Otherwise, forms can be provided at the studio.

  • Or Mail all forms to :
  • Safiya Nawaar Middle Eastern Dance
  • P.O. Box 1442, Versailles, KY 40383
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"Safiya is my teacher and she is amazing. She has inspired and motivated me to do the best I can at this art form. Her teaching skills are wonderful because she breaks down every move and also gives a history behind it. I have studied oriental dance before I came to her for three years and I can honestly say she has helped and improved my technique more in the last several months than I managed to in three years. She encourages her students to be as good as she is, which is amazing considering how competitive some teachers and students are...but with Safiya you will only find encouragement and motivation." Sarah Peters of Lexington, Kentucky