Safiya is available to perform at private parties and special events; from Birthdays to Belly-grams and Traditional Zeffa Processions to Grand Opening Celebrations and Corporate Parties. Safiya specializes in high quality, unforgettable entertainment for Weddings.

From upbeat modern music to classical Middle Eastern, funky and fun to soft and sensual, she can meet your needs and expectations to wow and mesmerize your party guests.

Safiya performs Classical and Modern Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Lebanese and Turkish Oriental, Persian and Tribal Fusion. She is the featured performer at Casablanca Hookah Lounge in Lexington, Kentucky (where most of the clientele are of Arabic and Mediterranean heritage), as well as performing at festivals, events, and private parties throughout the central and southern United States.

With a wide array of costumes to fit any venue; from Cabaret styles and Egyptian Bedlahs to Folkloric Beledi and Saidi dresses, as well as, Fantasy Gypsy Costumes, and American Tribal/ Gothic she can accommodate the needs of any event. Discuss costuming options with Safiya when you finalize your booking.(Ex. to match your decor, or wedding party)

Safiya approaches every task with finesse and a level head, and will make sure to keep things professional and hassle free…and all with a gracious smile.

As well as performing Middle Eastern Dance, Safiya is a professional instructor and choreographer with OVER 14 Years of experience in Middle Eastern dance and culture. Safiya also gives lectures and dance workshops.

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"...Her performances are simply beautiful and awe inspiring, every move carries her emotions and brings feeling to the dance..."